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I'm a passionate web and mobile developer. Naturally curious, and always seeking new knowledge and actively developing new skills.

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Setting up and securing a new AWS account for learning/training

Creating and securing an AWS account is crucial and the first step that you’ll need if you want to learn or use AWS services for your projects. If you are looking into doing just that and get started, this is post is for you. Prerequisites Unique email a...

AWSPublished on May 22, 2023

Automate Docker build and push using GitLab CI

So you’ve got your dockerized project ready to push to Docker Hub? Let’s automate this process using GitLab CI. First, sign up or sign in at https://hub.docker.com/ then create an Access Token by going to Settings then Security > New Access Token. Take no...

CICD, Docker, DevopsPublished on February 09, 2021

Key Docker Commands

Compilation of most used Docker commands. docker build . : Build a Dockerfile and create your own Image based on the file -t NAME:TAG : Assign a NAME and a TAG to an image docker build -t myapp:1.0 . docker run IMAGE_NAME : Create and start a new conta...

DockerPublished on February 09, 2021